Remember the day you bought your rug? Leaving the store feeling like a proper adult, moving up in the world. Over time, it’s seen some stuff happen. Maybe you spilt some tea on it. Maybe your kids walked on it after footy training. Maybe your dog did a wee on it… or maybe you did and refuse to tell anyone.

That’s fair enough, we’d encourage secrecy on that one too. And we’d also encourage a magical thing called professional rug cleaning. There are so many great reasons to just bite the bullet and get your rug professionally cleaned. So, we’ll leave a few for you below.

Better quality clean

There’s simply no way you can DIY a rug clean and get the same result a professional. Not unless you’ve got the right equipment and expertise which, in that case, if you do, why are you even reading this post? Professional rug cleaning can get stains you never imagined you’d remove. From tea and coffee, red wine, cherry juice, mud… even the patch of mystery pee.

Extends the life of your carpet

This is like anything in life. The better you look after something, be it your car, home or yourself, the longer it should live. Professional rug cleaning is just like that. When your rug is well-maintained on the regular, it will look better for a longer period of time.

Healthier atmosphere

Over time, rugs collect dust, dirt, pollen and other nasties that aren’t particularly good for you. These can cause allergic reactions, spur asthma attacks and lead to other health problems down the track. When you steam clean a rug, the high temperature of the steam kills many of these allergens and helps get rid of dust, acting as a sanitiser as well as a cleaner for your rug.

Easier than trying to do it yourself

Trying to clean a rug yourself is difficult and, in most cases, the energy you put into cleaning it doesn’t equate to the result you get out of it. Firstly, rugs can be heavy, so moving them is a problem. Then, you’ve got to find a way to clean the rug without using an excess amount of water. And you’ve usually got to get on your knees to scrub it, which sucks.

Makes your entire room look better

Rugs bring out the best in your room. Think about it: they’re usually a large portion of the room, so of course, a sparkly clean rug is going to stand out!

We hope you’ve decided to make the next big adult step in your life and hire a professional rug cleaning service. Now, we’ll help you out choosing one! Suck It Up Steam Cleaning is one of Gippsland’s finest rug cleaning experts. They offer an outstanding service at competitive rates and will take your rug from dirty to flirty! Contact the team at Suck It Up and make your rug once again look like the day you bought it.