There’s nothing better than a professionally cleaned rug… OK, there are a few things that top it – take winning the lottery, for example, or stepping on a particularly crunchy leaf in autumn. Mmm, that crunch. But a professionally cleaned rug is a super satisfying thing to behold. The fresh smell, the silky-smooth texture, the glimmering look is simply unbeatable. So, how much does it cost? In this post, we’ll walk you through a few different factors that influence how much it costs to get a rug professionally cleaned.

How big is your rug?

Determining how much it costs to get a rug professionally cleaned is a bit like working out how much your pizza is going to cost. A party pizza is going to cost more than a small pizza, and the same principle applies to rugs. If your rug looks like it belongs in Buckingham Palace, and spans about 50 metres in length, it’s probably going to set you back a bit more than your standard Persian rug.

How often do you clean it?

For a rug that hasn’t been cleaned in a while, or maybe ever, it could be slightly trickier to clean than one that is regularly maintained. With a rug that’s not often maintained, the stains could be harder to remove and the dirt could be especially embedded into the fabric.

What kind of material?

Some rugs are easier to clean than others. For example, delicate and hand-woven rugs need a bit more attention and care than others. They should be cleaned differently to synthetic rugs. This is one area where costs cannot be cut. Using the wrong cleaning method on a rug can ruin it, so there’s no point in getting a rug professionally cleaned if you’re going to use the wrong cleaning method.

Need any extras?

Extra love and care for your rug is always a good thing. Your feet will thank you later when you’re standing on the softest, snuggliest rug in Gippsland! Popular extras include stain protector and deodoriser. Stain protector is particularly encouraged if you’ve got little ones running through the house, or if you’re often clumsy with your morning coffee or evening glass of red… we’ve all been there before.

There are a few other things that influence how much it costs to get a rug professionally cleaned, and one of those things is who you hire to do it. Suck It Up Steam Cleaning is Gippsland’s most-trusted professional rug cleaners, offering the best service for the best price. With over 20 years’ experience in the game, they treat your rug with love and care and can remove even the toughest of stains. To grab a quote today, hit up the team at Suck It Up Steam Cleaning.