Flood and water damage to your carpets is a heartbreaking thing to go through. You feel like a refugee in your own home. It feels as if you’re helpless, with nowhere to go and no one to turn to for help. Everybody has the right to enjoy a safe and liveable environment and when flood and water damage occurs, this is rendered impossible. Fortunately, there’s a way to turn this situation right around, and that’s with flood and water damage restoration. In this post, we give you a guide on what to do when you experience flood and water damage and who to call for a restoration.

1) Clean what you can

After contacting your insurance provider immediately, the first step is to start salvaging and cleaning what you can. Empty out any excess water using buckets, mops, towels – whatever you can use to get that water out of there. Open the windows if possible, to get some air into your place. This will ventilate the rooms and help to dry it out a little.

2) Salvage

It’s a good idea to salvage what you can before a flood and water damage restoration. You might find that some books, electronics, clothes and furniture weren’t touched during the event. Gather up these belongings and place them somewhere dry and out of the way of water. Handle them carefully and calmly, to avoid the agonising irony of damaging a belonging while frantically trying to save it from water damage.

3) Photograph

A terrible song by Nickelback, and also the third step of what to do when you experience flood and water damage. Take lots of photos for your insurance company as evidence. Photograph everything that was damaged, everywhere that was affected by the water and the source or starting point of the leaks. This will help you get as much help as possible from your insurance company.

4) Book in for a restoration

A flood and water damage restoration is the final step for you. Call up a team of qualified professionals like the ones at Suck It Up Steaming Cleaning, who arrive at the site and immediately set to work, making it once again look like your home. This process involves drying, cleaning and restoring to make your home liveable and safe.

Flood and water damage can be a real bummer, but thankfully the team at Suck It Up Steam Cleaning is here to rescue you and your home, business or property. They’re Gippsland’s favourite and most-trusted flood and water damage restoration provider, offering their services 7 days a week. With trained professionals, state of the art equipment and affordable pricing, look no further than Suck It Up Steaming Cleaning for your restoration.