Ever Wonder What Is Living In Your Carpet?

Let’s Face It, Carpets Can Be Disgusting.

Among your carpet’s twisted fibers you can find all types of nasties. From pollen, pet dander and urine, dust and dust mites, insect faeces and husks to dead skin cells, mould and bacteria, and many other particles and allergens.

In every square of carpet you can find over 200,000 bacteria,including dangers such as MERSA, campylobacter and the norovirus.

Microscopic Insects Live Inside Your Carpets & Feed On Dead Skin Or Dander.

Dirty Carpets Not Only Look, Feel & Smell Bad, They Can Make You & Your Family Sick.

Dirty Carpets Can:

  • Cause Or Trigger Asthma Or Other Respiratory Illness
  • Weaken Your Immune System
  • Cause Skin Irritations
  • Be A Home To Unwanted Insects
  • Carry Bacteria & Bad Smells

To Prevent The Reactions & Illnesses From A Dirty Carpet It Is Important To Regularly Vacuum & Have Your Carpets Cleaned Routinely.

Eliminate These Issues & Own That Amazing Feeling Of Knowing That Your Carpets Are Genuinely Clean.

For A Clean & Hygienic Home, You Need Clean Carpets.